Empowering communities, transforming the ocean.

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The Ocean Community Empowerment and Nature (OCEAN) Grants Programme supports locally-led projects to deliver lasting change to the marine environment and coastal communities.

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We know community-led initiatives have huge potential to make a positive impact. Yet up until now, there has been insufficient competitive funding for programming that tackles marine issues and specifically focuses on reaching local communities and local organisations.
Despite 10% of the global population having high dependence on the nutritional, economic, and coastal protection benefits the ocean provides and it contributing US$1.5 trillion to the global economy, less than 1% (US$13 billion) of this total value was invested in the ocean economy through sustainable projects in the past decade.
The OCEAN Grants Programme seeks to redress these imbalances by supporting people and communities impacted most acutely by climate change.

Community Grants

Community grants, up to £250,000, will be available for small-scale, local, in-country organisations.

Partnership Grants

Partnership grants, from £250,000 up to £3 million, will be awarded to organisations who partner with locally-led organisations to deliver solutions at scale.

Vital path to recovery
"The OCEAN Grant Programme offers a vital path to recovery, and for local communities and nature to thrive side by side."
Rt Hon Steve Barclay MP, Secretary for State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Join Our Community

We want everyone who applies to OCEAN to feel supported throughout their journey!
One way we will do that is through building a community where everyone can help support each other. Through Our OCEAN Community – our online learning and networking site – applicants and grantees will be able to connect, share learning, support each other and exchange resources and ideas.